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Spider-Man: Silver Sable cosplay by Kate Smirnova

Kate Smirnova brings the alluring yet deadly mercenary Silver Sable to life.

My countrymen, you know me. I am a proud daughter of these lands, a Sablinova, sworn defender of the realm. I beg your forgiveness for my long absence, but I swear to you I have returned… and I will see to it that Symkaria is free again! Are you with me?!

While most outlets will be celebrating the Spider-Man PS4 release with visions of Mary Jane Watsons and Black Cats dancing in their heads, we’re going a different route — because we’ve always had a soft spot for Silver Sable; the mercenary, leader of the Wild Pack and head of Silver Sable International is a confirmed character in Spider-Man (as seen in this IGN trailer), although it’s up in the air whether she’ll be more friend or foe to the wallcrawler.

The lovely Kate Smirnova has put together one of the best representations of Silver Sable we’ve ever seen, so featuring her cosplay to celebrate the game’s release day was a no-brainer:

Facebook: SmirkoO


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