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Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure unboxing/review

A Doctor Strange toy that’s so good it’s as unreal as the astral plane.

Doctor Strange is one of the most unique superheroes in existence in part because there really isn’t any other magic-wielding hero like him. DC has Doctor Fate, but he pales in comparison with this character. That’s why I had to have the Mezco Toyz action figure released in the past week. This figure has excellent accessories, cloth clothing, and true to all One:12 collective figures really good points of articulation. This figure comes at a good time too since Avengers: Infinity War utilized the character in a big way.

Watch the full unboxing and snap-judgment review below to see what we thought.

Right off the bat, I have to comment on the head sculpt. Mezco outdid themselves with this figure’s look which is straight out of the classic Stan Lee comics. The sculpted jaw and chin are excellent and the paint is perfect. The hair and eyebrows are all detailed and excellent too. Moving down to the clothing I really l like the detail on the cloth. The cape is good too and the wire inside is a nice touch. A very posable cape indeed. The Eye of Agamotto is a nice touch which you can swap out with closed and open. The accessories are really cool too with some of the coolest magic effects I’ve ever seen.

As far as negatives go there aren’t too many though they did bug me a bit. The pants are maybe the biggest issue as they slide down quite easily. I had to pull them up twice when posing him. The frayed edges of the clothes can also be a bit of a bother if you’re a stickler for detail. It’s hard to notice unless you’re looking very closely, though.

Overall I really like this toy. I’m happy I waited for the Mezco version due to all the great accessories and details to the figure. It’s a standout action figure that is going to be highly coveted by collectors.

Doctor Strange One:12 Collective action figure
Is it good?
An excellent addition to any action figure collection.
One of the coolest Doctor Strange figures I've ever seen which is a total throwback to the classic character
The astral projection is a kooky and fun touch
Great accessories
Very posable like every One:12 collective figure
The pants slide down way too easily
Upon super close inspection there's some fraying
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