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Is It Any Good? Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a science fiction film with a horror theme, and it’s done really well.

Science fiction and horror aren’t usually combined (well, with the exception of something like Jason X.) But honestly, I really like the idea of these two genres being combined to create one film. That’s what’s happening in 1997’s Event Horizon. This is a science fiction film with a horror theme, and it’s done really well. I wish they would make more films like this because I think there are interesting directions to go with it.

So what’s this film all about? We focus on a crew of men and women who are sent on a rescue mission to the Event Horizon spaceship. It had been missing previously but now that it’s returned, has anything changed about it? And why did it disappear in the first place?

The positive aspects about this film greatly outweigh the negatives. This movie is an example of a perfect storm  of correct casting and material they can work with. The cast includes heavyweights such as Sam Neill, Laurence Fishbourne, and Joely Richardson. These are all very capable actors and we get to see them give it their absolute all. Fishbourne is especially great, I was captivated by his strong, dramatic performance while Neill gives a very intense performance; they work well together.

There’s more to love here besides the talented cast and the very intense performances they give, the visuals and effects is another big win. Now you must remember that this is in 1997, so no it won’t be the most advanced special effects, but I think especially for the time, the visuals are very well done.There is horror imagery presented due to some of the plot details, and they may be too graphic for some viewers, but I think the violence is just right considering the storyline. Once you find out why this spaceship disappeared and what went on you’ll see why such violent visuals are necessary.

Speaking of the plot, I wanna say how much I love the direction they took it, it’s really very interesting and different from the usual sci-fi fare. I’m glad they didn’t waste the great opportunity they were given with a story like this. They could’ve just made a tame run of the mill science fiction film. Instead, this turned out to be a very memorable film for me and, because of the way it was made, one I wanna go back to watch again.The only potential drawback I can think of is that the script isn’t the strongest ever. It’s not bad by any means, but there have been better scripts written for films like this. While it’s true that it isn’t the best, there are sections of it that provide some good background to the characters, thus giving them depth. You know it’s a great film when you can still find a silver lining in the one negative you took away.

I encourage those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to see this to go rent it and experience what is one of my all time favorites. A great sci-fi horror classic!

Event Horizon
Is it any good?
A great mix of science fiction and horror anchored by a strong cast and characters.
Great actors that all give intense performances
Effective visuals/imagery
Well done special effects
A unique plot that intrigues
Not the strongest script in the world
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