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Marvel characters we would like to see become a Marvel Legend action figure

The AiPT! staff share what Marvel characters they would like see turned into a Marvel Legend action figure

Marvel Legends has been around for many years. It all began in 2002, when Toy Biz had the line. Their run spanned from 2002-2006 and then Hasbro took over in 2007 and never looked back. Hasbro has done an outstanding job creating a variety of fan favorites as well as heroes and villains of an acquired taste. For every 20 Captain America and Wolverine action figures, we were lucky to get an Emma Frost, Blade, or even a Mole Man. This leads us to asking the AiPT! Staff: “What Marvel character would you like to see become a Marvel Legends action figure?”


Dave Brooke: It’ll never happen, but I think Swarm could be very cool. Maybe it’s the purple cape or the fact that he’s made of millions of bees, but the character is pretty cool. He could easily fit into a Spider-Man wave since he’s more of a Spidey villain too. Sadly, at SDCC 2018 the Hasbro Marvel team made a crack about how Swarm will never be a character they make.

If done well Swarm could be super creepy.

Russ “Dog” Dobler:  I waited as long as I could. Had to settle for this. 🙁

Poor Swarm


Trevor Richardson: Let’s say Marvel decides it’s time to clean out my bank account. The best way to do it would be to do a series of Squirrel Girl figures. You buy The Unbeatable SG herself, Chipmunk Hunk, Koi Boi, Nancy Whitehead, and Brain Drain. Each figure comes with a part of a special, 1991 edition of Dr. Doom that is covered in little plastic squirrels vexing him!

Tippy Toe would obviously come with Dorreen and though Nancy isn’t a superhero herself, she would come with her cat Mew, a computer science textbook, and a laptop with a little Cat Loki image on it. To let everyone know her fanfiction is still coming along nicely.


Russ “Dog” Dobler:  If I could have one dream request, it would be for another vehicle line, just so we could get MAMMOTH F-----G GHOST RIDER. I hate it when folks complain about figures of new characters, when “classic” ones “deserve” it more. All characters can be great — don’t discriminate!

It’s bad enough that we don’t have a Robbie Reyes with car, but as a science guy, I’d definitely take Jason Aaron’s mammoth-riding Ghost Rider of 1,000,000 BC first. It’s pure, unadulterated ridiculousness, and I need it on my shelf.


Michael Pursell: Wolverine enjoyed a short stint as Apocalypse’s Horseman of Death. The moment is a favorite of mine and Wolverine’s outfit looks quite badass. Someone made a custom action figure and I think it looks great. This might have made more sense to do a few years ago when the X-Men: Apocalypse movie was coming out, but I think a line of “unexpected” members of Apocalypse crew would be a hit. I don’t think most people would know the reference but the character is so iconic that people would snatch it up just for the alternate look.


Nathaniel Muir: I also had a member of Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen in mind and I was thinking of Death also. But I was thinking of Archangel. I was at the age when a brooding superhero who was borderline suicidal was pretty cool. Turns out Marvel made that figure. So then I thought of Venompool. I always loved the backstory behind the symbiote and Eddie Brock. Mutual rejection tormented them both to the point of insanity. Combine the alien with the also unstable Deadpool and you have a recipe for fun. Naturally, they have a toy for him too! Is there even a character that hasn’t been made into a toy? I finally decided on Darkchilde. Along with a badass name, she was one of my favorites when I was a kid. A young sorceress who rules a dimension called Limbo while wielding a sword? Sign me up.

David Hildebrand: We have seen so many advances with the technology of creating action figures to make them look spot on to their respective film/TV series that I have decided I want a two-pack from the 1986 movie, Howard the Duck. I would love a Beverly and Howard the Duck combo. They have to have accessories. Maybe their respective guitars, or the chair that Howard gets shot across the galaxy in, but Bev would definitely have to be rocking one of her 80s outfits. Stop judging me.

Do you agree with us? Is there a character in the Marvel Universe that you would like see made into a Marvel Legend? Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to check out our AiPT! YouTube channel filled with action figure reviews and more!


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