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Mezco Toyz reveals NYCC 2018 exclusive and it’s magical

New NYCC 2018 Mezco Toyz exclusive revealed.

Mezco Toyz is one of the primo action figure and collectible toy companies in the business. They deliver some excellent clothed toys like the recent Dr. Strange and Wonder Woman and are known for making things interesting with blind boxes too. Today, Mezco revealed their NYCC 2018 exclusive on their Twitch stream.

For the longest time nothing was revealed, but the screen did change considerably. With puffs of smoke entering the frame (and plenty of well placed inside jokes strewn about) the screen changed ever so slightly.

Judging by the 1,000+ watchers the anticipation was killing them. It wasn’t until a stick of dynamite arrived that onlookers knew the show was about to get really hot.

Then it got lit.

Finally, a puff of smoke revealed a box very similar to the Dr. Strange One:12 Collective box. Are we getting a Dr. Strange variant?

The answer is yes:

Truth be told fans who had waited 30 plus minutes weren’t ecstatic, but from afar one can see there are some changes. The cape is the most notable change which appears to be purple. Aside from that, there appears to be a new accessory that’s dome-like with a gold base.

Fans weren’t so sure if this was the reveal, but Mezco chimed in on the chat.

Will you be attending New York Comic Con this year and if so do you plan to get this Dr. Strange variant? Let us know in the comments.


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