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#NCBD Pull This! September 12, 2018: The 5 comic books you should buy this week

It’s a huge week for comic books. Here are five books you need to walk away from your comic shop with.

After a week off, we’re back with another edition of Pull This! for your convenience this new comic book day. This week, there are a LOT of great comics coming out, so let’s get right down to them.

Most importantly this week is Amazing Spider-Man #5 from Marvel. Coinciding with the release of the excellent Marvel’s Spider-Man video game on Playstation 4, Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley’s back-to-basics Peter Parker story continues here.

Surprisingly, though, that’s the only entry from Marvel on this week’s list. DC nabs two spots with Red Hood and the Outlaws #26, featuring a new, darker take on Jason Todd, and Immortal Men #6, unfortunately the swan song for this short series.

But possibly the biggest winner this week is Image, with the kick-start of a highly anticipated creator-owned series from Wild Storm scribe Warren Ellis, Cemetery Beach, as well as the fourth installment in one of the best comics on shelves today, The Weatherman.

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