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‘Alan Wake’ to come to television?

Are fans getting a television show instead of a sequel?

Though it has almost been a decade since the game was first released on Xbox 360, Alan Wake is still fondly remembered. Drawing comparisons to Twin Peaks, the title received rave reviews upon its release and was named Game of the Year by many outlets. The episodic story, haunting score, and the character of Alan Wake were all lauded by the gaming community.

Alan Wake had two DLC that expanded upon the story of the game and a spinoff called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and a true sequel seemed inevitable. However, Remedy Entertainment who developed the game has only released Quantum Break to mixed reviews since American Nightmare and talks of an actual sequel to Alan Wake have stalled.While there have been no new details regarding a sequel to the game it appears as if the supernatural story may find a have found a home on television. Variety is reporting that Peter Calloway (Legion) will be the showrunner and writer while the game’s creator Sam Lake will be the executive producer. Contradiction Films is partnering with Remedy to produce the show.

The original Alan Wake had an episodic structure to it and the transition to television should be a natural one for the game. While there are no firm dates, the plan is to start pitching in October.


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