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Henry Cavill is no longer Superman following contract negotiation breakdown

The shakeups in DC’s cinematic universe continue.

It would appear as if the DC cinematic universe is now missing its most central figure, according to a report on The Hollywood Reporter.

THR reports that Warner Bros. and Cavill were negotiating a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie Shazam!, but talks broke down due to scheduling conflicts, resulting in the studio ousting Cavill as the Man of Steel altogether. A possible aspect of those scheduling conflicts could be Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher series, in which Cavill is slated to play the lead role.

Cavill follows in the footsteps of Ben Affleck, who is also no longer reprising his role as Batman after a short, tumultuous run with the character. The report goes on to note that DC likely won’t re-case the Man of Steel anytime soon, and is instead focusing its efforts on a Supergirl origin movie.

The shakeup comes amid uncertainty and mixed reception in DC’s attempts to make a cinematic universe as impactful (and profitable) as Marvel’s — but missing its two bread-and-butter heroes doesn’t exactly instill confidence.


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