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Sombra receiving legendary Demon Hunter skin in celebration of BlizzCon 2018

A Redditor discovered the unintended in-game leak.

The legendary Overwatch skin included in the pile of yearly goodies which Blizzard provides attendees of BlizzCon has leaked early this year. Sombra, everyone’s favorite hacker, will be receiving a legendary Demon Hunter skin.

The news broke when Redditor u/rudylovesfood discovered the ability to select a new legendary skin while playing Overwatch early this morning. The skin isn’t playable and it’s not available for view or purchase in the hero gallery, but it was viewable in the hero select screen.

The Redditor had already purchased a BlizzCon ticket and received their virtual ticket Monday, which they had since redeemed. It appears that the skin has since been removed.

Blizzard is set to have their All-Access BlizzCon Kickoff show later today at 3 PM PT, where they’re schedule to reveal a legendary Overwatch skin. Whoops? The surprise being ruined aside, Blizzard is also expected to reveal details around the BlizzCon schedule and further in-game purchasable items specifically for fans attending and for those who aren’t lucky enough to have gotten a ticket this year.

This year BlizzCon is being held in Anaheim, California from Nov. 2 to 3. Be sure to check back with us for further updates on the All-Access event.


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