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The Fantastic Four family gets a whole lot bigger (and add a long-dead character too)

You gotta see this to believe it.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

You might have heard the Fantastic Four are back with a new series from Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli. The latest issue features Reed and Sue heavily, but it’s not until the last page that we get a reveal that will blow people’s minds. After Reed and Sue are walloped by a brand new villain, Reed is given the opportunity to call Thing and Human Torch to his side so she can prove the Fantastic Four are no match for her.

Bad idea.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Reed Richards is a smart man, but after this stunt it’s easy to say he’s also a trickster at heart. He’s called all the Marvel superheroes by his side to kick this new villain’s butt. Eagle eyed fans will also note Wolverine is there too, but he hasn’t actually come back from the dead yet officially. Is Reed pulling a stunt, or is this the real deal? I guess we’ll find out next month in Fantastic Four #3!

To read the full issue buy Fantastic Four #2 digitally today.


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