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Plastic Man #4 Review

Plastic Man deals with the biggest problem in the universe: What clothes to get for an eleven year old!

Plastic Man continues to be one of the funniest series on shelves. Gail Simone has consistently written a fun and enjoyable series with great humor, fun references and great character interaction. Once again Simone is joined in issue #4 by Adriana Melo, who draws the issue and gives it such flair and visual comedy as has been shown throughout the entire miniseries so far. It’s such a wonderful pairing of creatives.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

Plastic Man fondly remembers his days as a simple street thug, when people knew his name and respected his talents (even though no one ever respected him). But he’s turning over a new leaf, mentoring the youth, saving old ladies from pick-pockets and younger ladies from kidnappers. Unfortunately, when he meets the kidnappers and realizes this entire episode’s nothing more than a setup? All those leaves flip back over with a vengeance!

DC Comics

Tell me about it!

The issue picks up from the end of the last one, showing the effects of the mutation that Suitcase Sammy caused to his girlfriend and yeesh, it is not good! She seems to be going incredibly rocky and almost turning to stone while her skin is so badly itchy that she wants to tear it all off. It looks really painful and the fact that Sammy still doesn’t take a lick of responsibility for it and instead blames Eel for having his accident and gaining powers which lead him to cause his girlfriend to have a similar accident just shows how diabolical this murderous mobster really is.

Eel being well known in a place called Scum Alley is a rather humorous little section where the Suave Prince points out how hypocritical Eel is in saying he’s a good guy while being fine with cases of looting, robbery, prostitution and police corruption happening around him. This book really shines in its character moments and the humor it derives from them. Simone and Melo are also obviously having fun with how many references to other characters they can put into the book considering there’s a section where some people dressed up as the Secret Six fight Plastic Man before he finds the big twist towards the end of the issue. They’re also regularly using the costumes of the strip club in order to throw in fun mentions of other DC heroes.

All in all, while the story may not be incredibly unique, this is a fun issue through and through, with entertaining character interactions and pitch-perfect artwork.

Plastic Man #4
Is it good?
Another fun issue full of great character interactions and fantastic art.
The character interactions written by Simone are incredibly fun as usual.
Melos artwork is fun, cartoony and perfect for the miniseries as usual.
The story itself isnt super unique but its been fun with the twists and turns.

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