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Full recap of September’s Nintendo Direct announcements

Recap of Nintendo’s September Direct, with Online, Luigi, and Final Fantasy

Let’s talk Nintendo, and their latest Direct. If you missed it, you can catch it here:

The Biggest News

First up, is Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo’s first entry into the land of paid online gaming is launching September 18th, with a few payment options.

I’m still a bit skeptical of Nintendo’s offering in this space. Yes, paid online is the standard now, so it’s less about the cost than it is about what’s included. The lack of a true virtual console, with a list of revolving NES games is interesting, but not exactly ground breaking with the PS Plus/Xbox Gold offerings from the competition.

Still, I’ll be paying them 20 bucks a year to ensure cloud saves for my games that I spent an entire year playing. That’s totally worth the cost of entry.

Also, Switch owners will also have a new controller option:

Retro NES gamepads! I don’t need these at all, but I’m helpless! I know I’ll end up buying them because I’m weak, and then I’ll do the same damn thing when they release the SNES version!

Upcoming Releases


It’s a working title, and it’s not coming until 2019, but if you were a fan of the ghost hunting original, this is great news. I’ve also been seeing a great deal of speculation that the Dead Luigi from the Smash trailer might be hinting at some dramatic plot twists in this sequel. Ghost Luigi levels? I’m down.

Final Fantasy is coming in a big way to the Switch:

That’s a whole hell of a lot of JRPG, and just like everyone else in the world, they told FFVIII and Squall to go pound Triple Triad. I know there’s a huge number of people out there loving the thought of classic Square RPG’s on the go, but I’m a pass on these. Welcoming in Switch owners to play some of the best games from my childhood is a great thing though, so good on Nintendo and Square bringing these classics to a new generation.

Other Highlights

While FF and Luigi seem to be the big releases, there’s still a ton of new content coming. Here’s a quick speed round to whet your appetite, and make you want to watch the video even more: Katamari Damacy RerolledNew Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Animal Crossing, and more hitting the Switch, and the 3DS, the system that will not die, getting Bowser’s Inside Story and Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn. 

Overall, this felt like a solid Direct, with nothing insanely surprising. Nintendo’s still ranking up content scores for the Switch, the 3DS is still zombie shuffling along, and a whole new generation of gamers will get to ignore Final Fantasy VIII.

I better see me some Metroid soon though. A man only has so much patience.



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