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You can now own your very own Ultimate Genji Sword, courtesy of Blizzard

My wallet is ready to be unleashed!

Blizzard has unveiled the newest Overwatch collectible and it’s the Ultimate Genji Sword! You can pre-order yours today for the price of $200.

Fans have been expecting this announcement ever since the sword leaked in early September on an Australian EB games webpage.

The sword is an exact replica of Genji’s sword, excluding the fact that it’s isn’t made of steel, doesn’t have an edge and wasn’t forged by a Japanese sword smith.

Included in your purchase is the Ultimate Genji sword, a sword sheathe and a stand that holds both the sheathe and sword separately. The stand is a matte black, measures in at 20″ x 10.5″ x 6.25″, with a weight of 1lb and in the exact center Genji’s clan logo can be found.

The sword measures in at 48″ x 5″ with 1/2″ blade and weighs 2.9lbs, with a total of 1.9lbs when sheathed. There’s a off/on switch that enables a light-up feature and sounds are motion activated. A button of the sword handle triggers Genji’s voice line “Ryūjin no ken o kurae,” which he calls out when he uses his ultimate ability.

Limit of ten swords per customer. You can pre-order today and expect your sword to ship by December 15. Not eligible for special offers, free shipping or promotions.


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