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Bowsette cosplay by Tina Kinz

Is Bowsette the character the Mushroom Kingdom deserves right now? Cosplayer Tina Kinz thinks so.

If you’re out of the loop with the whole Bowsette phenomenon, it all started with a webcomic by Haniwa — which in turn spawned an onslaught of fan drawings and one speculative scenario in particular involving an item with transformative powers called the Super Crown from an upcoming Mario game.

While technically not a Bowsette cosplay, this Queen Koopa Peach cosplay by Tina Kinz must be recognized for its damn near prescience with the whole trend (we’re sure Tina will trot out a proper Bowsette cosplay very soon anyways).

Patreon: Tina Kinz

You must’ve known this wouldn’t be the last; head over to Bowsette Cosplay: Round Two, featuring Holly Wolf, Nadya Sonika and more.


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