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Blizzard and Dark Horse announce new Starcraft comic, ‘Soldiers’

Immerse yourself in the newest comic to come to the StarCraft universe.

Dark Horse Comics and Blizzard Entertainment are teaming up once again to bring fans a new adventure in the StarCraft universe — StarCraft: Soldiers, the latest venture in the StarCraft comics publishing line.

At the helm is writer Jody Houser (Stranger Things, Star Wars), who’s currently writing another StarCraft series, StarCraft: Scavengers — the third issue of which will be available September 26. Houser is joined by Andrew R. Robinson, one of the writers for Overwatch Anthology.

Rounding out the creative team in the art department is artist Miguel Sepulveda (Lone Wolf 2100: Chase the Setting Sun, Red Lanterns), colorist Michael Atiyeh (another StarCraft: Scavengers veteran), and letterer Steve Dutro (The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story, Plants vs. Zombies).

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse’s synopsis tells us, “recently graduated Lieutenant Shivani Singh is eager to defend the Dominion on the front lines. But after she’s posted on the faraway planet of Cavir, she realizes that it will take more than good grades and confidence to survive on the edge of zerg space.”

The first issue of StarCraft: Soldiers goes on sale January 23, 2019 and is available for pre-order now through Dark Horse and your local comic book shop.

If you’d like to get up to speed with StarCraft: Scavengers, issues one and two are available now, with two more to follow. The TPB will be on sale February 19, 2019 and is available for pre-order through Dark Horse, Barnes and Noble and your local comic book shop.

StarCraft: Scavengers follows a group of terran space scavengers as they work to pull off the job of a lifetime in pillaging a derelict protoss ship. Of course it’s never that easy, as an invisible stalker prowls the ship and Dominion forces have their sights set on the scavengers prize.

StarCraft is a real-time strategy game first released by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998 that follows a war betwen three spacefaring species: terrans, protoss and the zerg. Since its release the StarCraft franchise has seen several expansions released, a sequel with its own expansions and DLC, novelizations, and is hugely popular on the professional gaming scene.


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