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X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer has leaked online

If you wanted a low quality look at Dark Phoenix in another language, today’s your lucky day.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix can’t seem to catch a break. A few months ago, story spoilers began circulating around the internet, and today, a new trailer has leaked. The footage is in Russian, and is not the best quality — the leaker is filming it sideways between two seats.

The trailer is partically set to “The End” by The Doors, and…it looks cool? I guess? Honestly, it’s really hard to glean much of anything from the footage.

Both subtitles and voices are in Russian, and the video quality is obviously bad, so I can’t recommend actually watching this footage. It’s not a great representation of the movie, and you’re better off waiting for an official English release. But if you simply can’t wait, Reddit has what you’re looking for — for now.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is slated for release February 14, 2019.


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