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Toynk’s Toonies Bob Ross vinyl figure

Get your own Bob Ross vinyl figure now from Toynk!

We all love Bob Ross and his happy little trees. The man has turned into a pop culture phenomenon and no matter your age, you know who this guy is. Toynk has three new vinyl figures out so you can add a happy little Bob Ross to your collection. There are three versions of this awesome figure. Choose from the regular variant, gold variant, and a white variant. Check out the details below.


A must-have for all Bob Ross fans!

Featuring the host of the hit 80s TV show, our Toonies Bob Ross Figure is 6.5″ tall and comes in a Bob Ross inspired box. Created from premium multicolored PVC. Featuring Bob Ross in his trademark fro, as well as his usual attire including his long-sleeved shirt and bell bottoms. Our Bob Ross vinyl figure is also holding a paintbrush in one hand and an easel on the other, a perfect depiction from Bob’s “The Joy of Painting” days.


Calling all pop culture enthuasists!

Can’t get enough the famous artist’s memorabilia? It’s time to add this one to your growing collection! A Toynk Toys exclusive, manufactured by Fourth Castle Micromedia.


This figure is certainly NOT a happy little accident!

Own a piece inspired by the “happiest” television personalities in pop culture history. Be sure to check out the gold colored version of this collectible and exclusive figure.


OFFICIALLY LICENSED MERCH: Perfect for collecting! A Toynk Toys exclusive item.

A POP CULTURE ICON: Featuring the host of the hit 80s TV show, our figure stands 6.5″ tall.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: Figure is crafted from PVC and is packaged in beautifully designed box

Bob Ross regular variant

Bob Ross gold variant

Bob Ross white variant

Visit the Toynk website today and get your own Bob Ross.







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