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Tenacious Toys – NYCC 2018 exclusives

Tenacious Toys gives us a look at their 2018 NYCC exclusives.

NYCC is this week! Better be ready to knock out a few people to get the exclusives you want! I want to see blood, people! No, please don’t use violence to gain materialistic possessions. Be polite and fingers crossed you get all your little heart desires.

Tenacious Toys will be in attendance and they have shared the exclusives that will be at their booth. Check out the details below!


From London-based artist’s Whatshisname comes the salacious HUMPek! The third in the popular balloon dog series, this time he’s brought along a partner along for a steamy night of thrills! Look at the curves on these puppies, how could anyone pass up on such a sexy collectible?

HUMPek stands at 10″ tall and comes in a Tenacious Toys EXCLUSIVE BLUE edition, a perfect pop of colour for anyone who would like something naughty and unorthodox to spice up their collection.

Limited to just 100 pieces (with only a handful making it to NYCC).

8″ Jason Freeny Smart Bomb in an exclusive blue, produced by Mighty Jaxx.

So we’ve heard of the nuclear bomb, the atomic bomb and the photo bomb. However, there is one lesser-known, albeit groundbreaking bomb that was developed in the most secretive underground laboratory, one that was said to be capable of changing the course of humanity itself…

Created by renowned artist Jason Freeny, we proudly present the world’s first cure for stupidity – the Smart Bomb!

Each blue Smart Bomb comes with exclusive blue Smart Bomb enamel pin. Limited to just 100 pieces (with only a handful making it to NYCC).

Mr Longbottom is a 3-inch resin figure that was entirely developed, sculpted, molded, cast and hand painted and accessorized by UK artist Rich Page (UME Toys).

This figure is bagged with a header card, sticker and a hat for Mr. Longbottom. Limited to just 10 pieces at $45 and exclusively available at the Tenacious Toys section of NYCC Booth 780.

Tarbus the Tardigrade 3.25″ vinyl figure by DoomCo.

Produced for DoomCo by Squibbles Ink, this is the first product, the first vinyl toy, & the first tardigrade designed entirely in virtual reality. Tenacious Toys has an exclusive blue GID colorway as an NYCC exclusive.

Blue GID Tardigrades are just $20 each, so you can easily welcome one into your home. Limited to just 57 pieces, and exclusively available at the Tenacious Toys section of NYCC Booth 780.

A set of six 7-inch vinyl coarse toys Omens, custom painted by UNCLE in his signature deep space style.

The six customs each feature a single constellation: Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Sagittarius, Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio. They are gloriously detailed, shaped like owls, and supremely glossy.

Each piece is $400, one-of-a-kind and only available at NYCC booth 780.

Tenacious Toys will be selling a Convention Exclusive colorway of the 2.5″ vinyl Bubbles figure by The Bots and UVD Toys. They will have 30 of these at NYCC booth 780 at $30 each.

Jon of Rampage kindly painted the Tenacious Toys “Mexifubi” (his newly coined term) 5-inch Danger Dog figures in a decidedly Japanese bright & metallic color scheme. 10 pieces are available at just $75 each.

Next up is a small group of Micro Cabriolet Racers, which are sofubi mini figures presented in a 3-pack for $27 for the set. Only 6 sets will be available.

The Rampage Toys Ugly Unicorn 5-inch sofubi gets his cosplay on as the Ugly Hulkicorn: 10 of these will be available at NYCC for $35 each, with a second wave of 12 pieces (maximum) available as preorders on the Tenacious Toys website after NYCC.

Finally, not to be outdone by UU, the Micro Poo Hulk will make an appearance as well. This 2″ micro sofubi figure will be $12 each and limited to 15 pieces.

Both Colin “Big C” Hoffman and Karey Maurice have sent in custom Toy2R SprayeeQs (4″ vinyl spray can dudes). The Big C piece is named “Hungry and sells for $200. Karey sent in two customs: “Berry Fat Cap” and “Cherry Fat Cap” each of which is $180.

West coast artist, uber-fan and tech guru Evilos created several custom Funko POPs for Tenacious Toys: an edition of 5 Muddy Joe Namaths (fashioned after the famous photo of Namath an the side of the field, covered in mud, sporting his green rain gear) as well as a single, one of a kind custom Gary Vee POP. They will be $60 and $80, respectively, and each box is fully customized and super slick.

Tom & Emily from the UK (Creature Hut) have sent over 3 beautiful custom Rubella Bites resin figures which are priced at $98 each.


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