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Leaked footage of a Harry Potter RPG hits Youtube

Pack your trunks and your willow wands kids, because we’re going to Hogwarts!

Breaking news hit in the last few hours that a new Harry Potter game is in development by either Rocksteady or Avalanche software. I think anyone that’s played any of the Rocksteady Arkham games knows that the developer puts out true AAA material, and essentially reinvented the superhero genre as we know it in the last decade. Ever since Arkham Knight shipped, everyone has been waiting with bated breath to see what their next release was going to be, and what media property they were going to leverage.

There’s been a fair share of rumors: Superman, some how made well enough to escape the N64 horror show of the past. Green Arrow, building on the dark nighttime crime fighting rhythm they perfected with the Arkham series. Maybe some other DC property?

On the other hand, Avalanche Games, most famous for the Disney Infinity line of games, has been hiring people for an RPG in the past year, so signs are also pointing in their direction as well.

Either way, I don’t think ANYONE saw a Harry Potter RPG as the WB property next on the list. Here’s the leaked trailer:

Holy s--t, that looks fantastic. For one, I’m glad to see a character creator, as the draw of playing as Potter is not really there for me. I loved the books, and movies, but in my opinion it’s always way more fun to create a character who interacts with the “chosen one” than to be that chosen one itself. See ODST and Reach for further examples of this excellence.

Character creators, spell craft, wardrobe choices, and hopefully a sorting hat – so all those edge lord teens who hang out at the mall can’t just spin up a Slytherin character, they have to MEAN IT.

Due to the leaked nature of the reveal, I’m not sure we’ll get officially clarification immediately on which developer is involved, but I’m officially hoping it’s Rocksteady. Anything to keep them from building a Superman game is good in my eyes.

On one hand I’m a little sad this was leaked, because I bet the impact of seeing this with a fully baked reveal at an upcoming game show would have been impressive as hell, but on the other hand, HOLY CATS I’M FINALLY GOING TO GET TO GO TO HOGWARTS!


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