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‘Blade Runner 2049’ screenwriter Michael Green to write Titan Comics sequel series

‘Blade Runner 2049’ comic sequel will expand on the universe.

It was revealed today at New York Comic Con who will be writing Titan Comics new Black Runner comic book series and fans should be very excited indeed. If you’re like me you enjoyed the heck out of Blade Runner 2049. Not only was it visually arresting, but the science fiction ideas were plentiful. Who better to write a comic book series then Michael Green who scribed the film? If that news doesn’t appease you, how about the fact that Green also wrote Logan. Okay, now I know you’re excited.

Green made an interesting point by saying, “Every iteration of the Blade Runner world throws the window open a little wider. Mike and I can’t wait to see what we find outside.” This must mean then that the new comic series will be expanding the universe even wider.

Read the full press release below for all the details.

NEW YORK, NY, OCTOBER 4, 2018 – Acclaimed Blade Runner 2049 screenwriter Michael Green (Logan) will partner with long-term collaborator and comic writer Mike Johnson (Star Trek) to pen the highly-anticipated in-canon Blade Runner comic series for Titan Comics and Alcon Media Group.
In addition to co-writing the screenplay for Blade Runner 2049, the critically-acclaimed sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 celebrated classic Blade Runner, Michael Green’s recent writing credits include Alien: Covenant, Murder on the Orient Express, the hit Starz series American Gods, and Logan, which earned Green an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2018.
Mike Johnson, Green’s co-writer on comics including Supergirl and Superman/ Batman, will co-write the Blade Runner series. A veteran writer of the Star Trek franchise, Johnson’s other comic credits include Transformers and Fringe.

States Green, “Every iteration of the Blade Runner world throws the window open a little wider. Mike and I can’t wait to see what we find outside.”

“We’re very excited to have both Michael Green and Mike Johnson writing Titan Comics’ new Blade Runner comic book series. We can’t wait for fans to see their vision,” said Titan’s co-founders, Nick Landau and Vivian Cheung.
Kosove and Johnson add, “Michael Green and Mike Johnson’s clear grasp of the tone and nuance that defines the Blade Runner universe makes them ideal partners on this exciting new comic book venture with Titan Comics. We are eager to continue to expand and explore this fascinating world with such a qualified and talented team.”
The new Blade Runner comic series is part of a new line of comics and graphic novels by Alcon and Titan, which will be canon to the classic science-fiction world.


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