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[WATCH] Venom Domez by Zag Toys “unbagging”

Collect all the Venoms like you were Taneleer Tivan!

Have you seen these Domez figurines? By a company called Zag Toys? They’re typically in the collectible/card game aisle at your local department stores.

There have a been a couple Deadpool series, and an Infinity War (of course), but with a certain film releasing this weekend, there’s finally something a little different — a Venom series.

This one actually interested me because of all the different possible versions of symbiote characters available, including everyone’s favorite Spider-Carnage (😉) and the VENOMIZED TYRANNOSAURUS from Old Man Logan.

I’m not sure I understand why their heads are oversized or why they’re served under glass like a 19th century Thanksgiving dinner, but after my first, I may be going back for seconds. What do you think? Which Venom would you hope to pull from this new blind bag?


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