‘Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ by Tom Taylor and Juan Cabal coming in January 2019 [NYCC 2018]

Above the skyline, but down to Earth.

Tom Taylor’s already been burning up the world over in Marvel’s X-Men Red, but in January, he turns his attention to the block. Announced at today’s New York Comic Con Spider-Man panel, Taylor will be joining artist Juan Cabal (most recently of the X-23 series) for the return of a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man series, spinning some more grounded tales for the webslinger.

“This book takes a much smaller focus on Peter Parker and his neighborhood,” said Nick Lowe, Spider-Man line editor.

Lowe caught himself though, assuring everyone in attendance that small focus doesn’t necessarily mean small stakes.

“It starts small and gets really big,” Lowe said.