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NYCC 2018

Hasbro Transformers designers at NYCC 2018: Bumblebee, G1 and more reveals

YES! A new Omega Supreme!

Late Thursday morning at the SYFY Wire Live stage, New York Comic Con attendees were treated to an interview — chock full of reveals — with Hasbro Transformers designers Ben Taylor and John Warden. Taylor came out first, and then John Warden entered wearing a Bumblebee helmet and carrying a large cardboard boombox.

They spent time talking about the newly released Bumblebee trailer, which led to them talking about the “Press Kit Boombox” full of Bumblebee movie toys, the highlight of which is the “Studio Series” Bumblebee, Studio Series being the mass-release adult collectible line.

Warden and Taylor showed the Masterpiece Bumblebee, which is the highest end collectible figure for the film, full of die cast and with extensively poseable joints, even ankles.

They showed the Generation One reissue toys currently available at Walmart. These include Starscream,

a Devastator giftset,

and a Hot Rod, among others.

Next was a preview of the Leader Class “War For Cybertron: SIEGE” figure of SHOCKWAVE, showing the 3 mm ports on its body, so you can customize it with laser blasts and explosions.

They also showed off the “armor” that’s possible for the figure, giving it multiple arms.

The designers ended with this year’s “order it now” figure, which was actually a pre-order for the EntertainmentEarth exclusive Studio Series The Last Knight Drift, featuring a new headsculpt and more accurate paintjob. He also comes with three baby Dinobots!

And this year’s Generations Titan class “sneak peak” reveal is of the prototype for the tank from Omega Supreme, who had Micromaster Countdown inside! This is, as usual, the big takeaway from the whole panel. Heck, we’ve been waiting for Omega Supreme, since, well, the last Omega Supreme! (and Countdown is nice too!)

Check out more pictures from the session below!



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