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NYCC 2018

Marvel reveals and looks from Mezco Toyz at NYCC 2018

All the 1:12 wonderfulness

Our friends at Mezco Toyz always turn it up for New York Comic Con, and this year is no exception. They brought a truckload of 1:12 Marvel figures to their booth — check out some new ones, yet to be released, as well as some of the best already available.

The movie star, Cable, is coming next winter.

Ghost Rider (WITH motorcycle!) heats things up!

Magneto next fall!

Costumed Daredevil soon, we’ll have to wait for the “Vigilante.”

Jon Bernthal’s Punisher next winter!

We’ve already got Thor and Hulk.

Hela joins them in the spring!

And don’t forget Black Bolt and the best 1:12 scale giant dog ever.

Check out the gallery below for some more familiar faces from Mezco.


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