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NYCC 2018: New Star Wars one-shots showcased for upcoming “Age of Star Wars” line

“Age of Star Wars” is almost here, and Disney-Lucasfilm Publishing has revealed the writers and titles for each era.

Disney-Lucasfilm Publishing showcased their upcoming slate of “Age of Star Wars” comics at New York Comic Con today, revealing the list of one shots Jody Houser, Greg Pak, and Tom Taylor will be writing for their respective “Age of Republic,” “Age of Rebellion,” and “Age of Resistance” lines.

Writer Jody Houser is no stranger to the Star Wars universe, having adapted Thrawn into a six-part mini-series and written the most recent Poe Dameron Annual. She’ll be delving into the prequel-era for the first time with these “Age of Republic” issues and writing stories about Jedi’s for the very first time.

Houser wasn’t able to stay long to discuss any story specifics about her titles, but there are some iconic names under the “Age of Republic” banner that should make for awesome stories- like Qui-Gon Jinn, Count Dooku, and General Grievous. Houser’s “Age of Republic” titles will begin rolling out this December.

“Age of Rebellion” will be helmed by Marvel-mainstay Greg Pak, with eight-one shots detailing characters from the original trilogy. All the mainstays are there, like Han Solo and Princess Leia, but there are some surprising titles like Jabba the Hutt and Gran Moff Tarkin that allow for deeper development of otherwise overlooked characters.

While details on the more obscure titles were sparse, Pak was able to talk about the plot of the Princess Leia Organa title, which will fill in the gap between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.  “For the Leia story, we are looking at the moment before Leia saves Han Solo in Return of the Jedi- how did she get there, how did she get that outfit,” said Pak. “There’s a great story to be told there- she had to sell herself as a bounty hunter, this high princess.” Pak also went on to confirm that Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, and the famed bounty hunter Bosk will also play major roles in Princess Leia’s tale.

Rounding out the “Age of Star Wars” reveals was Tom Taylor’s list of “Age of Resistance” one-shots that will flesh out the galaxy during the events of the sequel trilogy. Unfortunately,  Taylor wasn’t able to make the panel, but he’s a proven comic book writer with acclaimed titles at both DC and Marvel. His involvement in these titles should make every Star Wars fan excited. Most promising is the Supreme Leader Snoke title that will hopefully provide some backstory to the mysterious First Order leader.

“Age of Star Wars” will be rolling out in the coming months, starting with “Age of Republic” from Jody Houser in December. What do you think about the new “Age of Star Wars” announcements? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stick with AiPT for all your NYCC coverage.




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