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A new ‘Cloak and Dagger’ digital series is on the way from Dennis Hopeless [NYCC 2018]

Mr. Negative RETURNS!

As announced today at New York Comic Con’s “Marvel:  True Believers” panel, fan-favorite writer Dennis Hopeless will be returning for another digital-first effort from Freeform television’s favorite teenage ne’er-do-wells turned do-gooders, Cloak and Dagger.

“I have gotten to write more Cloak and Dagger than anyone has in decades,” Hopeless said, explaining the challenge of connecting the comics pair with viewers of the TV series. Hopeless accomplished that by recalling a threat from their younger years for the comics series.

Image credit: Marvel Comics

Cloak and Dagger:  Negative Exposure #1 will hit digital storefronts in November, taking a totally different turn, with the return of Mr. Negative.

“It’s a super scary, horror movie, darkforce story,” Hopeless said.

David Messina handled the art on Hopeless’ previous Cloak and Dagger series, but for Negative Exposure, Francesco Manna will be taking over. Ruairi Coleman provides the cover for #1.

The first Dennis Hopeless digital Cloak and Dagger story will be released as a printed collection in December.


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