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NYCC 2018: ‘Revisiting History’ panel recap

Highlighting the importance of history and its role in fiction.

New York Comic Con 2018 was home to the ‘Revisiting History’ panel, which examined several aspects of writing historical fiction. The panel featured historical fiction writers Charlaine Harris, Peter Tieryas, Mary Elizabeth Yturralde, Jordanna Max Brodsky, Lisa Maxwell, and Richard Kadrey.

The writers discussed their works, their research process, what lessons history can teach us, and how to create a unique or unexplored perspective in historical fiction. Extensive research is critical for all of them. To be able to live history, such as visiting a particular location, adds to the strengthing the narrative.

One of the primary goals for the writer, as the panel title perfectly captured, is to reflect on history. Reflecting in a way that informs the present, influences the future, and is entertaining for the readers. The narrative is one of the keys in succeeding to complete each of the tasks mentioned above.

Peter Tieryas noted a writer needs to be aware of what is sensitive and not because some histories still negatively impact certain communities.

The panel helped to highlight the importance of history and its role in fiction.


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