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NYCC 2018: Spotlight on Tom King panel recap

Forget about Batman and Robin — Tom King and Gerads are the real dynamic duo.

One of the panels at New York Comic Con this weekend was one that spotlighted Tom King, along with Mitch Gerads. Both spoke about Heroes in Crisis and what readers can expect in the coming issues for the series.

They also spoke on Mister Miracle‘s success and what the series means to them. Tom noted Mister Miracle winning best series at Baltimore Comic Con’s Ringo Awards and Gerads winning best artist at the Eisner Awards for the series. King also announced that the upcoming 12th issue of the series will finish Gerads and his take on the New Gods and show Jack Kirby’s plan for the Fourth World. Tom King praised Jack Kirby as a genius.

Mitch noted he will be drawing an upcoming Professor Pyg story for Batman.

The discussion on the fallout of Batman’s wedding and the fate of Nightwing was also part of the panel.

Tom King briefly recapped what is in store for Heroes in Crisis: “s--t happens in it, it’s sad, people die, but the lettering is great and art is beautiful.”

He also noted a Blue Beetle and Booster Gold team up in the works.

The panel was extremely funny due to Gerads and King’s bromance. Both joked about each other, King’s bodyguard, fans reactions to Batman’s wedding, and more.  Forget about Batman and Robin — Tom King and Gerads are the real dynamic duo.

King elaborated on his work focusing on life and not death. He discussed the lives of the characters in his work and how they change due to a variety of situations. He used Batman’s wedding as an example for his point. Bruce Wayne’s wedding broke Batman. Wayne had an opportunity for happiness, but it was taken away from him, which results in his current state.

An audience member asked King: “How do you write trauma for a character?”  King responded by discussing his own journey through depression and anxiety as inspiration.

Another audience member asked King asked if he would go back to writing novels. Unfortunately for fans who’d like to see that happen, King responded he is currently focusing TV shows and comics books.

Overall, the panel was informative, fun, and classic Tom King.


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