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Overkill’s The Walking Dead enters Closed Beta on PC

Closed beta for Overkill’s The Walking Dead now open on PC for players who pre-order

PC players who pre-ordered Overkill’s The Walking Dead can now participate in the game’s closed beta, featuring the first two story missions alongside two camp defense scenarios. More content will be made available in the closed beta as the game’s Nov. 9 PC launch gets closer.

Closed beta access is exclusive to PC players who pre-order the game via Steam. Those who purchase the standard edition for $59.99 will be given one beta key while player’s who buy the deluxe edition- featuring the full game, the “Night Raid” cosmetic skin pack, and a digital art book and soundtrack for $79.99- will receive four beta keys. The closed beta servers will be available in weekly intervals throughout the month of October, with servers online for a couple days at a time. To view the beta’s full schedule, head to the game’s website

Overkill’s The Walking Dead has drawn stark comparisons to Valve’s classic first person shooter Left 4 Dead and will have a high bar to meet if it wants to make a splash for those craving a cooperative first person zombie shooter. That being said, the game had a promising showcase at this year’s E3 and may end up winning over gamers who brush it off as a licensed Left 4 Dead knockoff.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead launches Nov. 9 on PC before it releases on PS4 and Xbox One Feb. 6, 2019.


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