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Venom’s green drool is explained in Venom #7 — and it’s grosser than you think

You will never look at those green ooze covered teeth the same way again.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Before you read spoilers read our review of issue #7.

There are certain things you just never ask. What do Spider-Man’s webs smell like? Where does Tony Stark’s sweat go? Why is Venom’s drool green, and for that matter, what is the drool? Donny Cates aims to answer that in today’s Venom #7 thanks to the help of a certain Ultimate universe character. It’s a detail that isn’t necessarily required, but it helps explain how it lingered at a scene.

Midway through the latest issue, we learn from The Maker that he was able to track Eddie and his Symbiote exploits via the green goo. It’s not black like the Symbiote, so we know it’s not flesh, but a byproduct of the alien itself. He calls it, waste.

Then Eddie says what every comic reader is thinking.

It’s a sensitive topic as most of us can imagine and Eddie plays it up like he always knew this detail.

But Eddie, it comes out of your mouth! Gross Eddie, real gross.

You can read more about this fun-fact and more by reading Venom #7 digitally today.


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