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[EXCLUSIVE] Horror and humor combines in Troy Nixey’s ‘Trout Collection’

A Strange Trip Into the Supernatural!

Troy Nixey is a master at creating weird and delightfully unnerving creations. His work on Jenny Finn was both macbre and strange and Vinegar Teeth is so weird it may just change how you think about buddy cop movies. Nixey and I spoke in depth on both titles recently which delved into the creation process and also the creativity of it all.

One of Nixey’s greatest works is getting a complete collection this March with the series Trout. This book collects stories from the two issue Trout series as well as the first appearance from Dark Horse Presents. It comes at a perfect time since Nixey is unveiling a brand new four issue Trout mini-series coming in Spring 2019.

Check out the full press release below to get all the details.

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (October 11, 2018)–Writer/artist Troy Nixey (Vinegar Teeth, Only the End of the World Again, The Black Sinister) known for his masterful, unique approach to art and storytelling is thrilled to bring audiences a hardcover collection of his most beloved character, Troutthis spring!

Trout is not like other kids. After many bizarre adventures, Trout has seen more than most adults in his short lifetime. Trout must grapple with the ferocious appetite of a monstrous repressed memory come to life, hell-bent on eating the town. And if that wasn’t enough, when a mysterious and evil puppet show passes through, Trout is the only one able to save the town’s children from the puppeteer’s insidious grasp!

This Hardcover volume collects Trout #1-2 previously published by Oni Press in 2001, as well as Trout’s first appearance in Dark Horse Presents #119-123 from 1997 along with a wonderfully weird assortment of never before seen material!

This is a perfect launching point to join Trout on his adventures just before the release of a brand new four issue mini-series coming in spring of 2019 from Troy Nixey, Dave Stewart and Dark Horse Comics.

Trout Volume 1: Bits & Bobs HC goes on sale March 13, 2019, and is available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local comic shop.

Praise for Troy Nixey’s Vinegar Teeth:


“The blended genres and the creators’ love for each sets Vinegar Teeth apart, the result posing the question, “What if Alfred Hitchcock produced a Cohen Brothers film, based on an H.P. Lovecraft story adapted by Charles Addams and John Huston?” The answer? We all win.”–Doom Rocket


“Something that’s completely different that should appease anyone who thinks they’ve read it all.”–AiPT!


“Vinegar Teeth is a fun and bizarre excursion into this pseudo-noir world that happens to have a monster. It is a surreal read with complementary art, and I can easily recommend it. Its strangely absorbing, and you should check it out.”–Bleeding Cool


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