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Twilight Path: A new, charming puzzle game for virtual reality

A delight of a VR game, but without much of a difficulty curve.

Twilight Path is short and delightful virtual reality puzzle game from Charm Games, set in a fantasy realm between the living and spirit worlds. It presents an environment that is sufficiently awe-inspiring enough, that I can recommend it as someone’s first VR experience. However, its puzzles are easy enough to solve that wouldn’t say it’s for anyone looking for any sort of serious challenge.

Although you are often not given any instructions on what you are supposed to do at each stage, their intuitive designs make them simple enough for most folks to figure out on their own. Also, since it’s a linear-path game, you don’t have to worry about navigating around a lot. (Supposedly, it is a follow-up to their previous game, FORM. I have not played that one, yet, so I cannot compare them at this time.)

I am tempted to say that a younger audience would find this game particularly attractive. But, I also know that VR could be harmful to children’s developing eyeballs, so I would not encourage parents to let them play for any significant length of time for that reason.

It features two fairly interesting mechanics: Firstly, you are given a bracelet with a gem that you can pluck out, and looking through it gives you important clues as to what you are supposed to do next. I can easily see that sort of thing being usefully copied by other games.

Holding a special gem in one hand allows clues to light up in the game world, such as some of these drawer handles.

The second is that you can activate a long-distance object grabbing mode by pulling the triggers of both controllers for a specific amount of time. Let go too soon or hold for too long, and the mode won’t activate, but you can try again. This mechanic does get a bit tiresome, and the timing element really doesn’t matter much, until the end when the puzzles themselves are timed.

Twilight Path is only four brisk chapters long, and most players can probably complete the whole thing in under two hours, but it feels like only the first volume of a longer series of games. The ending is somewhat abrupt, and the credits declare “Twilight Path Will Continue”.

For $15 it is a good value, given the rich elements and polished gameplay it presents you with. I especially liked the transforming effects as your actions repair parts of the world, and the giant turtle character you meet about three quarters into it.

Twilight Path: A new, charming puzzle game for virtual reality
Is it good?
Twilight Path presents an environment that is sufficiently awe-inspiring enough, that I can recommend it as someone's first VR experience. However, its puzzles are so easy it's not for anyone looking for a serious challenge.
Immersive, awe-inspiring environments
Good for first-time VR users
Polished mechanics for puzzles and world manipulation
Good characters, even if the voice acting is kinda average
It's short and ends rather abruptly. You would not guess it's only Part 1 of a story, until it's over.

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