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Star Wars: Darth Talon cosplay by Jannet Vinogradova

“I am Darth Talon… I am my master’s hand… I am your death.”

Covered from head (and tails) to toe in dark Sith tattoos, each one earned in ritual combat, the cold-hearted Darth Talon was one of the deadliest of the Sith — an aura which cosplayer Jannet Vinogradova brings to life in her excellent rendition of the lethal Twi’lek assassin.

Jannetincosplay: Darth Talon &emdash;

Jannetincosplay: Darth Talon &emdash;

Jannetincosplay: Darth Talon &emdash;

More: Check out Jannet’s Cortana cosplay.


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