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X-Men: Cyclops cosplay by Camila Menezes

“Want to know why I won? I kept an eye on you!”

The ’90s were a good era for the X-Men. Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 became the best-selling comic book issue of all time (it still is, with over 8.1 million copies sold) and X-Men: The Animated Series became a pioneering animated comic book series with myriad characters and complex, serialized storylines.

Another great thing to come out of the ’90s X-Men? This very ’90s costume for X-Men Blue leader Cyclops, which Brazilian cosplayer Camila Menezes puts her genderbend twist on in the following photoset. (Just don’t let AiPT! contributor Chris Hassan catch wind of these photos. He has such a fanatic fixation with Cyclops that this gallery would probably make his head explode like the dude from Scanners):

Facebook: Camenezes Cosplay


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