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Hearthstone: Did Blizzard Korea just leak the new expansion, ‘Brawl of Rastakhan?’

The newest Hearthstone expansion may be troll-centric and tie directly into World of Warcraft’s current “Battle for Azeroth” expansion.

We speculated on possible themes for 2018’s Hearthstone expansions back in February and it looks like some of the guesswork surrounding Expansion 3, with its discernible “Troll’s tusks, fangs and teeth on the bottom half of the cover [design]” hit very close to reality after all:

According to a recent leak from the official YouTube channel of Blizzard Korea (source: Redditor MonetRain), Blizzard’s newest Hearthstone expansion will indeed be troll-centric, with God King Rastakhan, ruler of the Zandalari Empire as the focal point:

“It is the OFFICIAL channel of Blizzard Korea in Youtube, and they updated [the] new playlist named ‘Hearthstone: Brawl of Rastakhan’,” MonetRain explained in the Reddit post.

Update, November 2, 2018: A leak from PC Gamer before the opening ceremonies at BlizzCon ’18 reinforces the Rastakhan Rumble premise.

Redditor RichmanCC expounded on the possibilities of a Rastakhan-themed expansion:

“For those who are unaware, this seems to be a direct tie in to the latest content in World of Warcraft. King Rastakhan is the leader of the Zandalari band of trolls, and will be a raid boss in the next patch for WoW.

The Zandalari trolls are the greatest troll empire the world has ever known. They worship great spirits, or loa, like Krag’wa the frog or Rezan the tyrannosaurus. They live in the glorious golden city of Dazar’alor, with tamed dinosaurs at their side. They are currently aligned with the Horde, though they were previously enemies of both the Horde and Alliance.

Possible legendaries include Zul the Prophet, a corrupted advisor to Rastakhan, as well as his daughter Princess Talanji. Lei Shen, the evil Thunder King, who was ressurected by the Zandalari, is another possibility, as is Bwonsamdi, the loa of death.

As the Zandalari always say:


If Rastakhan becomes a Hero card, as we saw with Hagatha the Witch in “The Witchwood” and Dr. Boom in “The Boomsday Project,” which class will he represent? Will we see some of the Troll Loas as Legendaries? Sound off in the comments.


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