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Does an X-Men character get exterminated in ‘Extermination’ #4?

Just when Marvel brings back Wolverine they have to kill a classic mutant hero.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

This week in Extermination, Ahab continues to hunt down the young mutants sent from the past to our future where they don’t belong. Iceman, Angel, Beast, Cyclops, and Marvel Girl have all been targets and unfortunately for one-eyed hero fans, a character bites the dust this week.

Midway through, Ahab gets ever closer to killing Cyclops, but the newly revived Jean isn’t having any of it.

Could Cyclops actually be killed after already dying in adult form last year? It’s at least certain he fights to the very last moment.

But, the answer appears to be yes.

Now the question remains, why does Marvel have to kill the last remaining Cyclops at the same time that they are reintroducing Wolverine? How cruel!

Get the full scoop on how it went down by reading Extermination #4 head to your local comic shop, or buy it digitally today.


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