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Mira Sorvino stirs up trouble in season 3 of Sony Crackle’s ‘StartUp’

Season 3 drops on Crackle November 1.

Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino joins Adam Brody, Ron Perlman, and the rest of the cast of the Sony Crackle series StartUp in season 3. In the exciting new season, friendships are tested as the crew of Araknet take on the U.S. government when NSA agent Rebecca Straud (Sorvino) shows up demanding cooperation, and everything they’ve worked for may be about to go up in smoke.

Early in the new season, the young executives of Araknet face the reality that an unregulated internet quickly becomes a haven for terrorism and other illegal activity. Ronald (Edi Gathegi) already knows this as former associates from his past life as a drug dealer are already using Araknet for their own benefit but, under the credible threat of an imminent terrorist attack in the heart of Los Angeles, the line between privacy and global security becomes blurred.

Sorvino seems to relish the unpredictable menace her Agent Straud brings to the proceedings in this strong and memorable performance. She’s a cunning manipulator with resources capable of exploiting the weaknesses of nearly everyone in Araknet’s inner circle and a wonderful antagonist for the series.

Nick (Adam Brody) starts the season on cloud nine with Araknet’s prospects looking up, but soon reveals his dark side. When backed into a corner, Nick proves he’s willing to get his hands dirty in his pursuit of the American dream.

Mara (Addison Timlin) meanwhile spends the season figuring out her place in the company. Largely undervalued by Co-CEOs Nick and Ronald,  she exorcizes past demons and figures out her proper place in the Araknet hierarchical structure while her father, Wes (Ron Perlman) — the primary source of the company’s financing thus far — discovers his entire livelihood now depends on Araknet’s success.

Meanwhile, Izzy finds herself in legal trouble in Cuba and having to make a deal with devil to secure her freedom.

Season 3 of StartUp takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions as the characters face enormous stakes, both personal and professional. And those stakes are raised even more by the added threat of global terrorism and a relentless NSA agent with all the power in the world targeting Araknet. The season finale left me looking forward to season 4.

Sony Crackle drops season 3 of StartUp on November 1.


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