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#NCBD Pull This! October 31, 2018: The 5 comic books you should buy this week

The five books you must buy this Wednesday.

We are back for another edition of #NCBD Pull This! and it’s strictly not a Halloween episode. No, we’re pulling the best comics on the stands horror or not. With that said, we did pick a fantastic horror comic with Scott Snyder and Jock’s latest one-shot from the Wytches universe. It’s too creepy to pass up and it’s an excellent title.

Other picks include fantastic books that can be enjoyed by horror fans or superhero fans alike. That includes a new Batman anthology comic with some excellent creators working together, the continuation of Heroes in Crisis with issue #2, and some excellent X-Men related books from Marvel Comics. That includes Leah Williams and Chris Bachalo’s X-Men Black: Emma Frost #1, and the end of Old Man Logan as we know it in Ed Brisson’s Old Man Logan #50.

Check out the video below to see our picks and why we picked them!

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