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Symbrock fans rejoice, Sony has released a Venom Blu-ray trailer just for you

A new trailer for the upcoming Blu-ray release of Venom leans hard into the film’s rom-com angles.

Eddie-Venom shippers, your pleas have been heard. It seems that Sony is ready to lean all the way into the romantic comedy elements of this year’s Venom with a trailer for the upcoming December 18 Blu-ray release that at least some fans are sure to find much more enjoyable than previous marketing attempts.

Check it out below:

With both #Symbrock and #Veddie having been some of the more popular tags on both Tumblr and Twitter over the past few months (browse those at your own risk – NSFW), the slightly spoiler-filled trailer seems to be a full acceptance of the community’s shipping. It also marks a pivot from the dark and edgy earlier marketing that surrounded the film to light and comedic, elements the majority of viewers seemed to have picked up on and enjoyed after having seen the ‘flick.

What do you think? Too much tongue? Not enough? Let us know in the comments below!


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