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Bishan and a Leopard stare each other down.

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These Savage Shores #2 Review

These Savage Shores continues to show it is a must-read for its strong plot, beautiful art, and Ram V.’s awesome writing.

Ram V and Sumit Kumar
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Ram V., Sumit Kumar, Vittorio Astone, and Aditya Bidikar give us another excellent issue in this must-read series. The plot deepens, the art remains perfect, and Ram V. continues to demonstrate he is a writer to read.

The Hunter and the Hunted

In this issue, we are introduced to English vampire hunter Zachariah Sturn. He is on the hunt for English vampire noble Alain Pierrefont. Unknown to him, Pierrefont was killed by Bishan, who is a guard for the Zamorian boy king and an immortal being of extraordinary abilities.

Zachariah Sturn readies for his hunt. Vault Comics

Kumar’s character design for Sturn is brilliant. It shows some similarities with a classic Van Helsing look, but an older version of the character.

Sturn poses an interesting character contrast between Bishan and Pierrefont. Bishan is a morally good person and protecting the weak and his king. Pierrefont was an evil vampire from a colonial state, seeking to feed off its people and land. Sturn is a vampire hunter and a foreign with his separate agenda, which causes a conflict with Bishan. What will Sturn choose? Work with Bishan or continue to operate his own way and have an immortal as an enemy?

Bishan is on the hunt. Vault Comics

Historical Backdrop

Ram V. eloquently ties in Indian history to this horror tale. Some readers will easily recognize names like Tipu Sultan and the British East India Company. This issue sets up well how the historical international relations between the British Empire and the Indian kingdoms will go head to head with the supernatural aspects of the series. It is fun to read the dialogue of the Indian monarch officials discussing the British’s economic plans, especially if you are familiar with this period of Indian history because not many current comics explore this field of history.

The team of These Savage Shores is helping to highlight Indian history while making an entertaining comic. They succeed at both.

These Savage Shores #2
Is it good?
These Savage Shores continues to show it is a must-read for its strong plot, beautiful art, and Ram V.'s awesome writing.
Amazing art
Does a great job of typing in Indian history
Strong writing and plot

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