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Joker reveals his thoughts on the Batman Who Laughs and uses him as revenge in ‘Justice League’ #13

The Joker does not think highly of the Batman Who Laughs.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

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The Batman Who Laughs may be one of the most creative new additions to the DC Comics universe in decades. He’s a creepy nightmare that even the Joker is afraid of. And for good reason, since the Batman Who Laughs is basically the skill and tenacity of Batman mixed with the chaotic evil of the Joker.

In Justice League #13 that character is a major talking point between Lex Luthor and the Joker. As we learn, Joker made a deal to only join Lex on the Legion of Doom team under one condition.

One can only imagine Lex Luthor’s pride is so great he’d never think he’d need help from anyone. That includes the insane embodiment of nightmare fuel that is the Batman Who Laughs. If you read Justice League #8 you’ll know Lex Luthor is now pondering releasing Batman Who Laughs so that he may wield the power of the Totality. That doesn’t sit well with Joker, which is a big motivator for their fight in issue #13. Joker ends up having the ability to take out the entire Legion of Doom, but something stops him. Long story short, there is only one resolution for the Legion of Doom and Lex Luthor in Joker’s opinion.

Now that is dark. Surprisingly, Joker then lets them all know he’s doing this as a lesson.

Anyone else getting Obi-Wan Kenobi vibes from this?

That’s only part of the picture however and I highly recommend reading the entire issue, out now digitally today.


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