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Old Man Logan Vol. 9: The Hunter and the Hunted review

Turns out pitting Old Man Logan against Spider-Man and Daredevil villains is a recipe for an entertaining read that’ll leave you satisfied.

Marvel just kicked off its 12-part Dead Man Logan series, which promises to bring the elder Wolverine from an alternate future’s story to a close. I read the first issue, and it’s a strong start to this character’s send-off, so you should definitely check it out–even if you haven’t been keeping up with Logan’s monthly adventures (which I haven’t been). Fortunately, the latest Old Man Logan trade paperback is on sale to help me and others in my situation do just that!

Old Man Logan Vol. 9: The Hunter and the Hunted is also quite good, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as it’s written by Ed Brisson, who’s consistently produced entertaining Logan adventures since writer Jeff Lemire left the series.

When writer Brian Michael Bendis brought back Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan character during the Secret Wars mega event, I’ll admit, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure we needed another version of Wolverine running around the Marvel Universe, but the series has actually allowed creators to tell stories we likely wouldn’t have seen had regular Logan never “died.”

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

I mean, just look at this collection’s two main adversaries–Kraven the Hunter and Bullseye. This isn’t a Spider-Man or Daredevil book, so what are these guys doing here? It doesn’t really matter, because throwing them into Old Man Logan’s world just makes for fresh stories.

While I’m a bit tired of Kraven hunting heroes who aren’t Spidey (wasn’t he just hunting Captain America in writer Mark Waid’s most recent run?), Brisson and artist Francesco Manna manage to deliver a fun two-issue arc in the Savage Land. I especially enjoyed the dynamic between the arrogant and delusional Kraven and Logan, who has zero patience for the hunter’s whole schtick. It’s always fun to see Marvel characters trying to stay alive in the Savage Land’s prehistoric jungle, and you can tell Manna’s having a blast illustrating it all, including dinosaurs and, of course, Ka-Zar and Zabu.

The second half of this trade paperback is a complete 180 in tone, as we go from jungle action to a grounded, action-packed revenge story centered around Bullseye’s murderous acts. This is brutal story featuring bullets, explosions and flipping cars, and it’s all masterfully brought to life by artist Juan Ferreyra, whose pencils, inks and colors give the story a realistic, almost painted feeling, somewhat reminiscent of artist Mike Mayhew’s comics work.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

While it’s always depressing to see how much damage Bullseye does to the world around him, there is a bit of levity in this story courtesy of guest star (and, I guess, Old Man Logan’s sidekick) Glob Herman. I’ll admit, seeing Ferreyra’s realistic art style applied to a “giant, pink see-through mutant” is pretty freaky–but also very cool to see.

Overall, this latest Old Man Logan collection isn’t required reading for those who’re interested in reading Dead Man Logan, but it should be for Wolverine fans looking for Logan stories they never knew they wanted. Although I think the Marvel Universe has a few too many clawed individuals in it already, I’ll definitely miss Old Man Logan’s solo series and the opportunity it presented to appreciate the X-Men’s canucklehead in a new light.

Old Man Logan Vol. 9: The Hunter and the Hunted
Is it good?
Turns out pitting Old Man Logan against Spider-Man and Daredevil villains is a recipe for an entertaining read that'll leave you satisfied.
Kraven works surprisingly well as an Old Man Logan adversary.
Trips to the Savage Land are always fun... because dinosaurs!
Ed Brisson and Juan Ferreyra deliver the next best thing to an Old Man Logan action flick.
It's clear the Bullseye story picks up threads from the villain's solo series, which Brisson wrote and some readers may not have read.

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