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Tom King teases ‘huge Bat event’ and upcoming Batman stories

The series writer gave details on the upcoming 15+ issues of Batman.

The latest Batman came out this week, continuing to put both Batman and the Penguin through the ringer. Series writer Tom King continued to do some pretty interesting stuff in the issue, ending in a very tantalizing way.

On Twitter, King teased ‘a huge Bat event’ and rather excitingly revealed the names of some upcoming Batman arcs, with some very welcome details too. Interestingly, he revealed the ‘huge Bat event’ has a ‘secret name’, which is intriguing. It seems to mean he has a name for the story, so hopefully revealing it too soon doesn’t spoil it.

Given that he states the arc “sets us up for the end,” one has to wonder if issue #105 will be his last. It’s often impressive how far ahead writers plan their stories, and I’m particularly excited to find out what this Bat event is, especially given all the great ones there have been over the years.


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