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The variant cover makes a statement about the very last page.

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What Ozymandias does in ‘Doomsday Clock’ #8 changes everything

Sharp eyed readers will notice this important detail.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

One of the joys in reading Doomsday Clock is knowing this is a layered story. Gary Frank draws each panel in such great detail, and with incredible purpose, that clues are everywhere. This isn’t a book you can simply take at face value. Eight issues in it is apparent a re-read (or two or three) is in order since many Easter eggs are present. In the latest issue, out today, there is an even bigger one and it only becomes apparent on the very last page.

As the story progresses we may be on the brink of a world war, with Superman directly inserting himself into things as Vladimir Putin speaks to the people of Russia. They don’t trust Superman and have deemed Firestorm an agent of the Americans killing innocent Russians. When he shows up late in the issue the Russian soldiers aim their guns on him.

If these soldiers fire, an international incident may begin.

Superman does what he can to protect the Russian child, but…

It looks like a world war is in order. The thing is, how did this happen, and why did the soldiers fire? The evidence is in the very last panel:

Note the soldier gear at the right. It appears Ozymandias, a man hellbent on drawing Dr. Manhattan out, may have fired the shots that started a war.

Based on the panel above, he clearly relishes what comes next.

That’s only part of the picture though and I highly recommend reading the entire issue to determine your own take. You can read Doomsday Clock #8 digitally today.


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