Hearthstone: Latest Hearthside chat gives details on Rastakhan’s Rumble’s new solo adventure, Rumble Run

Join Hearthstone Mission Designer Paul Nguyen as he delves into the new single-player content of Rastakhan’s Rumble: RUMBLE RUN!

Rastakhan’s Rumble, the latest Hearthstone expansion went live a few days ago and already players are formulating new strategies, constructing new decks and testing out their favorite new Legendaries.

One mode that has yet to see any play however is this expansion’s solo content, Rumble Run, which Team 5 mission designer Paul Nugyen expounds upon in the latest Hearthside chat, “A Tussle of Trolls:”

  • Begin by choosing one of 3 random (class) Loa shrines; there are 27 total (3 per class)
  • Each Shrine has a custom starting deck. Shrines start the game as a 0 attack, in-play minion and go dormant for 3 turns when destroyed. Players will temporarily lose the effect of their Shrine when they go dormant.
  • Similar to Kobolds and Catacombs’ Dungeon Run and The Witchwood’s Monster Hunt, players can accrue minions and passive treasures to bolster their decks.
  • Some of the shrines can be used aggressively, so there are ways that they can gain attack. It’s a key strategy for a couple of the teams.
  • Shrines essentially replace the Dungeon Run passives, since all passive effects are associated with your shrine. Your final “treasure” choice is an upgrade to your shrine to make it more powerful (by allowing it to come back faster, for instance.)
  • Your other “Treasure” choices this time are minions – badass teammates that you can build a deck around. Each team has six possible teammates, you’ll get to add two over the course of a run.
  • Players can obtain a new cardback as a reward for their first successful run in Rumble Run mode.

Rumble Run, Rastakhan’s Rumble solo adventure goes live on December 13th.