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‘Avengers 4’ finally gets an official title

“We’re in the endgame now.”

Warning: Infinity War spoilers in trailer and article.

“We’re in the endgame now.” Those were the last words spoken by Doctor Strange, Sorceror Supreme, to Iron Man, when all seemed lost… but maybe not completely.

I wasn’t really sure that we’d get an Avengers 4 trailer this week and I didn’t even think we’d get one before 2019. I thought it’d be too early and Marvel Studios first film that year is Captain Marvel, which they released a trailer for this past Tuesday.

But to quote Chancellor Palpatine: “A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.” It’s especially fitting that the title not only fits the film — being in the endgame against Thanos, the endgame for the original/older Avengers — but also uses Doctor Strange’s aforementioned last words: Avengers: Endgame.

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The Avengers: Endgame trailer is brief and doesn’t reveal much. We get a brief shot of the purple skinned Mad Titan himself, Thanos, enjoying the gentle touch of flowers. There’s an early scene that reminds me of the film The Martian, in terms of both characters growing sense of isolation, struggle to survive and being lost in space.

A few Avengers who never appeared in Infinity War pop in here, with the first of those exciting me a lot, enough that I exclaimed their name in surprise. Curious they survived the Decimation, which is the in-universe name for Thanos wiping out half the universe. I’m also curious whether the second of those Avengers to pop up will help turn the tide, or add some welcome levity to the film?

I’m definitely looking forward to this film and hope it will satisfyingly follow up on Infinity War, promisingly set up future films and end an era in a satisfying way. I’m sure everyone involved will have done their best, and that’s all I can ask from heroes like these.


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