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TKO Studios promises to be “the first modern comic book company”

And with a star-studded list of creators involved and a modern distribution model, they may just do it.

Not much is known about the newest publisher to enter its name into the comic book market, TKO Studios, just yet, but here’s what we do know: The Los Angeles-based company announced on Twitter their intention to become “the first modern comic book company,” and rattled off an impressive list of creatives who will apparently be involved: Roxane Gay, Jeff Lemire, Garth Ennis, Natalie Chaidez, Gabriel Walta, Steve Epting, Jordie Bellaire, Andy Belanger, and more were listed.

That’s a great starting roster of creative talent to kickstart any new publisher, but part of TKO’s goal of being the first truly “modern” comic book industry is shaking up its release model: Similarly to how Netflix has changed episodic video consumption, TKO says they will “binge-release” all their titles, meaning full trade paperback-style releases rather than weekly single issues.

In the Twitter thread, TKO showed off one of three ways their binge-released books will be distributed:

In addition to a full six-issue set, books will also be released in actual trade paperback format, as well as digital for viewing on computers, tablets and phones.

As an incentive to give them a shot, TKO is giving everybody their first issue for free. So if you’re interested, be sure to head over to to claim your free issue.


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