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Check out the ancient Sith superweapon and temple featured in ‘Star Wars: Age of the Republic: Darth Maul’

Warning, spoilers ahead.

Before diving into spoilers, read our review.

One of the most exciting things about the new Star Wars: Age of the Republic” one-shot issues is how it is revisiting the characters. It’s also a way for writers like Jody Houser to link different storylines within the universe, further meshing together the tapestry that is Star Wars history. Case in point, in today’s latest issue featuring Darth Maul, Houser ties in an ancient Sith superweapon that appeared in Star Wars Rebels.

This issue takes place before The Phantom Menacewhen Darth Maul is still learning under Darth Sidious. In the scene, Darth Maul is taught a lesson via the Malachor Sith Temple.

This strange temple has stood for millennia before the rise of the Galactic Empire, though at this point in the story it’s more a relic due to what happened here. During a great battle, afterward known as the Great Scourge of Malachor, the superweapon within the temple fired killing all the Jedi and Sith that were fighting here. Now they’re still standing as stone statues, but it seems the temple remains powerful even if the machine within is not in use. 

Over the next few pages, Darth Maul learns a lesson and it’s an enlightening one thanks to the power of the temple.

That’s only part of the story though. I recommend reading the entire issue to see what happened to Maul as well as to get a closer look at the story within.

You can read Star Wars: Age Of The Republic – Darth Maul #1 digitally today.


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