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In his own words: Robert Venditti gives 3 reasons why you should read ‘Freedom Fighters’

Comic writer Robert Venditti tells us why ‘Freedom Fighters’ is a book you should be reading.

Out this Wednesday is a new series from DC Comics that has a lot of history. Freedom Fighters is a new look at a team created in the 1940s, revised in the ’70s, and is now back in a new series from Robert Venditti and Eddy Barrows. The series progresses the story focused on an America where the Nazis won World War II and only a scant few heroes remain to fight the good fight.

I spoke to Venditti recently to talk about this series and there will be a more in-depth interview running later this week. Until then, here are Venditti’s reasons why you should pick up Freedom Fighters.

AiPT!: Let’s say that you have a reader who’s on the fence about Freedom Fighters. What are your three reasons why they should read Freedom Fighters?

Robert Venditti: Gosh. You should read Freedom Fighters if you like alternate history stories. You should read it if you like superheroes. You should read them if you like the DC Universe, wait, that’s a corny answer. Here are three — not listed, but in this one answer.

AiPT!: Okay.

RV: What I think is appealing about Freedom Fighters is it is taking a lot of what’s familiar about the DC Universe and the DC mythology and it’s able to reimagine it and apply a new way to this alternate version of Earth. So it’s very easy to understand and it’s very easy to grasp because there are things you know like Plastic Man and who Superman is and you know what these different elements are but we are repurposing them and presenting them in a new way.

We’re also seeing through the lens of a world where Hitler and the Nazis have won World War II. [In this story] we were 50 plus years into the American society being under Nazi rule. And so it’s taking a lot of what can be entertaining about alternate universe stories and about superhero comics and putting them all in one place and really looking to the alternate universe through the lens of superhero comics.

This is doing worldbuilding in the truest sense of the phrase. We’ve never really spent a ton of time in the Freedom Fighters universe, so this is an opportunity for myself and for Eddy Barrows to really build out what this world is from the ground up. How did society function? What’s the same about this world to our own? What’s different about it? Who are the heroes; who are the villains? How does all that work together and what are the things that will give you that are familiar but then how can we spin it in a way to make it unfamiliar and make complete sense in this other world?

It’s enormously challenging to be able to work with that kind of material where what you see outside your front door you can’t even trust anymore, but it’s also creatively very rewarding to have that much help in space and that much of a canvas where you can do all these kinds of things. Just from reading the first issue I think you can see the amount of space that we’ve been given to repurpose things like the Plastic Man mythology and elements like that.

You can purchase Freedom Fighters #1 this Wednesday or preorder it now digitally today.


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