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IDW announces new Transformers Relaunch in March 2019

The new monthly series will come from a creative team new to Transformers.

In November, IDW Publishing ended their ongoing Transformers Universe, with the Optimus Prime and Lost Light comics ending at issue 25. While they published some Bumblebee-focused stand alonebooks and Star Trek Vs Transformers, these were in separate continuities. Fans wondered what form the relaunched Transformers comics continuity would take, and now we have an answer thanks to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to their article, the new comic will be called Transformers and it will be published twice a month. Launching in March, the focus will be on Cybertron before the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. This is an area that has been covered by the previous IDW Transformers books so it’ll be interesting to see what changes and what ideas are reused.

The creative team are all completely new to Transformers comics. Brian Ruckley has written for IDW before, working on Highlander and Rogue Trooper although the Scottish writer also wrote The Godless World fantasy trilogy. The art duties will be handled by Angel Hernandez and Ron Joseph. Hernandez has worked on IDW’s Star Trek comics while Joseph worked on IDW’s G.I. Joe and Revolutionaries.

Cover images shared on Twitter by IDW indicate that the books will include many of the usual suspects, such as Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Shockwave, Soundwave and Prowl. Female transformers Windblade and Chromia are featured on one of the images, while the Hollywood Reporter article mentions the presence of Bumblebee. We will have to wait until March before we get our chance to see what Ruckley, Hernandez and Joseph have in store for us.


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